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Wingate Model School is a top class Christian-educational private Christian School, consisting of the Junior, Primary, Secondary and A Level. Persons wishing to pursue an admission, irrespective of the entry level are required to complete and submit an application form together with the applicable fee.Wingate Model School through an examination that takes place three or four months before the beginning of the school year. Places are offered on merit.

Candidates to be admitted to classes other than Pre-Primary will be tested on their previous classwork in English and Mathematics. Candidates are expected to be able to write well using a simple cursive hand and will be tested among other things on continuous writing and their ability to set out their work clearly and neatly.

Parents are advised to make sure that all students who hope to enter Wingate Model School are ready to adhere strictly to elementary rules of personal hygiene.

Among the declared aims of the school are "to encourage leadership qualities in all students" and "to encourage responsible decision making and independence of thought..

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